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Forever Change how you show up & speak up

Shake on It

How do I make it all ALINE? 

It's Personal. 

All communication should include a personal story about you or your brand.  I will help you find your best story so people connect with you.

It's Professional. 

Various communication platforms including digital, live and on camera need a different skill set.  Know the differences so you are always professional in your delivery.

It's Positioning. 

Is your brand positioned correctly in the marketplace?  Does all of your branding, (including you) have a consistent message?  It better if you want brand loyalty.

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Janna Landry, founder & owner of Aline, uses her years of experience & expertise to help her clients master all aspects of Communication. People don't realize how much their voice & breathing can impact how confidently and effectively they communicate - even if they're a nervous wreck. Whether it's a speech in front of a large audience, a presentation at work, communicating your brand perfectly or even understand the XYZ's of all the generations we deal with - Janna has worked with it all. 

The entire vocal mechanism is built in a beautiful vertical line. It starts with the diaphragm, our breathing muscle in the center of our body, and goes all the way up to the resonators in our face which creates the color or timbre of our voice.  It's "a line" of connection.  The heart center is in the middle of that line throwing emotion into the mix and the brain is at the tip top adding thought.  

    That is our main communication center.  Now let's get it to ALINE......


Janna Landry


Franklin, TN

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