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Forever Change how you show up & speak up

  • Are you terrified to speak in public? 

  • Do your colleagues/employees take you seriously? 

  • Are you losing revenue due to weak leadership?


  • Aline specializes in teaching professionals how to maximize their communication and leadership skills

  • "CLEAR. CONCISE. COMMANDING communication is essential in today's fast-paced business world. Whether speaking to a small group, a room full of peers, or on camera, your message must be delivered with conviction."

Strike a Nerve?


The entire vocal mechanism is built in a beautiful vertical LINE...and people don't realize how much their voice & breathing can impact how confidently and effectively they communicate - even if they're a nervous wreck.  

I'll Fix It!

  • Becoming Brand - Y O U

Master the impact of your brand on ALL Levels & Media Platforms 

  • Dazzle Your Listener

Your voice and how to have complete control for all business demands in all situations

  • XYZ's of Generational Speak

Understand all Gender & Generational differences in business communication - Including Millennials!      

  • Present Like A Pro

Get rid of the nerves, hold their interest & speak like the Star You Are!

  • Ladies ONLY

Take a seat at the Men's Table & Lead from the Neck Up

That's where I come in       to help it all



“As someone who gives formal presentations on a regular basis, I was blown away with Janna Landry’s communication session!  Through her hands-on and personalized approach, Janna outlines proven steps in mastering one’s own communication style.  Whether you’re meeting a colleague for lunch, or speaking to a large auditorium, Janna will provide you with proven techniques in understanding your audience while confidently engaging your listeners.  I strongly recommend Janna Landry’s communication sessions for anyone with the desire to improve upon their existing communication skills, you won’t regret it!”

—  Brian J. Dunn, PLA, Planner/Landscape Architect


Janna Landry


Franklin, TN

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